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Contabo Interview and Review

Contabo is an Award Winning Internet Service Provider based in Munich, Germany.  Contabo was founded in 2003, by self-confessed tech-enthusiasts, Michael Herpich and Michael Bölke.   In the spring of 2003, there were many skeptics who said that there was no space for another web hosting company.  At this time, Contabo went by the name [...]


ServInt Interview & Review

One of a kind, ServInt, established in 1995, provided one of the first managed dedicated server solutions to enter the market. We spoke to founder and CEO, Reed Caldwell, to learn more about how and where ServInt all began. “Before we called them servers or clients, they were called computers. When I was little, my brother and I [...]


IsoBuster Interview & Review

IsoBuster has a strong brand image within its industry, so at Top 10 Website Hosting we decided to interview Peter Van Hove to find out more about the company he founded. Peter Van Hove, the founder of IsoBuster, found himself in a situation with no solution. His favourite Monty Python sketches, as well as other content and streams, were [...]