Best Podcast Hosting

Best Podcast Hosting


Podcast hosting is somewhat different from web hosting. Podcasts require different tools and options to provide subscribers with the right experience, especially as your audience grows.

If you want your podcast to be a success, you’ll need to find the right hosting platform to manage your podcast.

We’ll be looking at and comparing the best podcast hosting that you can find and will even cover podcast hosting services that are 100% free.

What is Podcast Hosting?

Podcast hosting is a service that allows you to store media files and deliver them to an audience.

With website hosting, you store your website files on a server which are then accessible by people on the internet. The same goes for podcast hosting, but instead of website files, you’ll be storing media files.

Whilst you could technically store your media files on your web hosting account, it wouldn’t be a well-optimised service for you or your listeners.

Podcasts contain large media files which will take up a lot of server resources. If you stored these on your website, you’d cause your site to become slow and it may even crash.

1. PodBean (Overall Best Podcast Hosting)

podbean podcast hosting logo

PodBean offers unlimited podcast hosting plans along with unlimited bandwidth for the perfect combination to offer a podcast hosting service.

Along with hosting your podcast, PodBean gives you the tools to host your own website with great design tools and stunning themes. It’s simple to embed your podcast player into your website or WordPress posts.

PodBean offers a free plan which has limited storage, but paid plans are available from $9/mo (£6.77) which offers unlimited storage and additional features.

As well as hosting your podcast, PodBean provides useful promotion tools and marketing tools that will allow you to monetize your content.

If you encounter any issues, you can reach out to PodBean’s huge community of podcasters who have been using PodBean for some time.


2. BuzzSprout

buzzsprout podcast logo

BuzzSprout is a perfect podcast hosting service for beginners as it’s super easy to use. They’ve been around for some time and have since built a solid community of podcasters.

To get started, you’ll need to upload your media file, and BuzzSprout deals with the rest. Your podcast episodes will automatically get added to podcast directories meaning your podcast will be available across a range of devices.

If you want to embed your podcast player to your website or forum, it works well and looks good. You can also display the cover art, media controls, and social sharing buttons.

If you’re not particularly creative or don’t want to build your own website, BuzzSprout can do this for you. You can customise your design and add your own domain name, but you won’t have to get involved in the process.

There’s a limited free plan available for 90 days and paid plans start from $12/mo (£9.03) which will give you 3 hours’ worth of upload.


3. Transistor

transistor podcast logo

Transistor is a podcast hosting service that works for both beginners and professionals. Rather than charging you for your upload hours, Transistor offers unlimited podcast hosting plans, making it great value for money.

It’s simple to upload your podcast and publish it and you can track your podcast analytics to see how your podcasts are performing.

If you’re using WordPress for your website, you can embed code into your WordPress posts and page easily for each episode.

If you don’t have a website, like BuzzSprout, Transistor will create one for you, though it will be quite basic.

One of the things that marked Transistor down for me is that they limit the number of downloads your podcast can have so you’ll need to upgrade your plan as your podcast grows.

Prices start from $19/mo (£14.30) for up to 10,000 downloads and go up to $99/mo for businesses that offer 10 additional users per podcast and lots more features.


4. Blubrry

blubrry logo

Blubrry is a flexible podcast hosting service suitable for beginners and experienced users. There’s plenty of options when it comes to integrating your podcast with your website as well as monetizing it.

Blubrry boasts awesome features like social sharing and the ability to track your podcast statistics.

If you’re using WordPress, Blubrry has a plugin called PowerPress which means you can manage your podcast from your WordPress website.

You can also upload your podcast episodes directly to your podcast host from PowerPress, whilst submitting your podcast to the likes of Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Prices are competitive and start from $12/mo (£9.03) which will give you 100MB monthly storage and unlimited bandwidth.


5. Smart Podcast Player

smart podcast player spp logo

Some podcast hosting companies offer their own embedded podcast players. Whilst they are useful, many of them don’t actually look very good.

Smart Podcast Player is different – in fact, it looks really good and there’s plenty of customisation options to make it look awesome.

Whichever podcast hosting company you choose, you’ll need a media player to display your podcasts on your website. Smart Podcast Player can display individual episodes or your users can browse episodes and use on-screen controls.

Smart Podcast Player works well on different screen sizes and devices. You can use it to encourage listeners to sign up for your email list and subscribe to future podcast episodes.

You can get a free trial, but prices start from $8.00/mo (£6.02) and offer all of the Smart Podcast Player features.


6. Libsyn

libsyn logo

Libsyn started back in 2004 so has a solid reputation for offering a reliable podcast hosting service. Their platform is easy to use and allows you to promote your podcast across multiple apps and devices.

Libsyn has a large community of podcasters. When it was first started, Libsyn was developed by podcasters for podcasters to use, along with some pretty influential podcasters.

Each plan includes unlimited bandwidth but offers differing storage amounts. Prices start from $5/mo (£3.76) which will give you 50MB storage. Plans go up to $40 per month which increases your monthly storage to 800MB and offers additional features.


7. SoundCloud

soundcloud logo

SoundCloud is a hugely popular podcast hosting service and music player. You can embed podcast episodes from SoundCloud directly to your website, or straight to your WordPress pages and posts.

You can use SoundCloud for free for up to 3 hours’ worth of uploads, giving beginners a good taste for what’s to come.

Once you’re ready to upgrade to a paid plan, SoundCloud will be able to offer more storage and bandwidth as well as advanced features like monetisation.

SoundCloud Pro Unlimited is £7.50 per month and offers unlimited upload time, unlimited downloads, and marketing features.


Best Podcast Hosting: How to Start a Podcast

If you’re starting your first-ever podcast, you may be intimidated by the selection of equipment there is on offer. However, you may not need to purchase a large amount of equipment for your first podcast.

The only equipment you really need to record a great podcast is a decent microphone. The difference between a good microphone and a bad one could make all the difference to your success.

I highly recommend researching the best podcast microphones and checking user reviews. Once your podcast gets going and you earn a little extra cash, you can invest in better podcast microphones and expand your collection of podcast equipment.

Once you’ve got your equipment sorted, you’ll need to find the best podcast hosting along with a website. Your podcast will live on the internet and will have a place for you to promote it and help your users discover more about you and other content you have on offer.

You can start creating your own website or you can hire a designer and developer to do it for you, though that can get expensive very quickly.

Hosting companies like BlueHost offer a free domain name and SSL certificate, and I can assure you that you’ll want to save money where you can on this journey.,

Best Podcast Hosting FAQs

What is the best podcast hosting service?

There’s plenty of podcast hosting services to choose from, and one that might suit one person may not suit another. However, I feel that Podbean is the best overall podcast hosting service because they offer something for everyone. Podbean is user-friendly, suitable for beginners, and their plans offer unlimited storage and bandwidth.

How can I promote my podcast?

Many podcast hosting providers will automatically submit your podcasts across to different directories and search engines, e.g. Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

However, you can also manually submit this process and contact directories that you would like your podcast to appear in.

It will appear as an RSS feed and you’ll just need to copy your podcast feed URL to the directories.

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