DataPacket Review

DataPacket is a web hosting company founded in 2001 in Florida, USA by Brian Bennett. Brian has over 2 decades of experience in IT and Web Hosting that he brings to the table when leading Team DataPacket. The company offers 100% cloud-based hosting from an extensive global IP network & multiple worldwide data centers. They boast [...]


TurnKey Review

TurnKey Internet was founded in Latham, New York, USA back in 1999 by Adam Wills (Founder and current CEO). Initially focused on providing advanced consulting services to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Enhanced Telecommunications Providers. TurnKey Internet now provides comprehensive hosting services such as Dedicated Servers, [...]


RimuHosting Review

Founded back in December 2002 in New Zealand, RimuHosting is a fast-growing Hosting Company that has made the Deloitte New Zealand’s Fast 50 list, not once but twice! They focus on delivering flexible and reliable virtual, reseller, and dedicated server solutions. RimuHosting uses the native New Zealand “Rimu” tree (pronounced, Ree-moo) [...]


Nimbus Review

Nimbus Hosting is a UK hosting company founded by Tim Dunton in 2011. The company has a clear focus on providing stress-free, efficient and progressive hosting services for digital agencies. Tim Dunton has an impressive 20 years commercial web hosting experience under his belt and has his eye on the ball when it comes to advancements in [...]


Contextly Review

Contextly was founded in 2010 by Ryan Singel and Ben Autrey in San Francisco, USA. Contextly is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company that recommends relevant, related content (on the same website) that readers may be interested in. Being hosted outwith the designated website the Contextly API can be incorporated into any CMS (content [...]


ServerPronto Review

ServerPronto (Affordable Hosting, Done Right) is a long-standing, award-winning web host founded in January 1999 in Miami, Florida, United States. ServerPronto offers dedicated servers shared, and cloud hosting solutions. Additionally, they provide total disaster avoidance with their Geo-Redundant Cloud hosting packages. In 2012 the [...]


Prometheus Review

Prometheus is a comprehensive,  independent, free standalone open source project, which is part of the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation). Prometheus.io is written in “Go” and has been open-source from the very beginning.  Prometheus began its life at SoundCloud in 2012 and became part of the CNCF in 2016. The CNCF is dedicated to [...]


THCservers Review

THCservers (For Geeks, By Geeks!) is a hosting company founded by Catalin Florica CEO (and Co-founder Mihnea) in 2013. The company is based in Dolj which is a county of Romania on the border of Bulgaria. Their slogan says it all, they are a fun loving family of tech nerds dedicated to providing an affordable and reliable hosting [...]


WhatIsMyIPAddress Review

WhatIsMyIPAddress.com was founded in 2000 by Chris Parker. The site started as a hobby and has grown into a trusted resource for IP, data safety and privacy online. There is a lot of talk about internet data privacy and data-mining schemes, especially on Social Media. However, the fact is that your data is freely available when surfing [...]


DreamHost Interview

DreamHost is a seasoned website host founded way back in April 1996 in the USA. DreamHost is owned by New Dream Network, LLC. They have been around since the very early days of the internet and now host over 1.5 million websites. The founders Dallas Bethune, Josh Jones, Michael Rodriguez and Sage Weil met while attending Harvey Mudd [...]