2BrightSparks Review and Interview

2BrightSparks Review and Interview


2BrightSparks is the company responsible for SyncBack, a powerful software designed to backup and sync files and data. This software has proved an essential tool for businesses, both small and large. Michael John Leaver, the man behind the company and its software, was happy to be interviewed so that I could learn more about the company and share my findings here.

A Gap In The Market

Michael developed his software after observing a gap in the market for a comprehensive backup and sync solution. He wanted to create something that was suitable for everyone, whether they were individuals, small businesses, or large corporations. He explained:

“Like many of the best software companies, our product came into existence in response to a much-needed gap in the market. Back then there were plenty of basic backup and synchronization software tools, many of which were little more than basic solutions to very specific problems. And for the bigger companies with complex needs, there were plenty of large-scale enterprise solutions. But there was nothing that fell between the two – a powerful piece of backup software that would be equally at home in someone’s home or office, that would suit everyone’s needs. Early versions of SyncBack quickly proved that there was a big gap to be filled, and a hungry market out there, and the rest is history, as they say!”

100% Customer Satisfaction

Few companies can boast a customer satisfaction rate of 100%, but 2BrightSparks do just that. Michael gave me an intriguing answer when I asked him about his company’s level of customer service:

“All software companies make the same two claims: that their software is powerful yet easy to use, and their customer support is second to none. Unlike many, however, we consistently and genuinely live up to these claims! The majority of our customers never need our support, as we’ve designed the software to be easy to work with and understand, and our help file and online knowledge base is unusually detailed, and we go to great lengths to keep it up to date. But we do understand that computers are complicated, and that sometimes customers have quite complex needs. When further assistance is required, we do our best to answer our support tickets as quickly as possible, and we never fob-off our customers with a hastily written template text that doesn’t answer their question at all. We’ve all experienced more than enough of those situations! Most of our support requests are handled very quickly with a 100% satisfaction rate, which is why so many of our customers have continued to use our software for many years”.

Furthermore, 2BrightSparks has many positive testimonials displayed on its “Testimonials” website page. More impressive still, PC World magazine awarded the company a “World Class” award back in 2005, with the editor in chief describing the software as setting “the standard for excellence in the high-tech and consumer electronics industries”.

A Clear Best-Seller

To Michael’s surprise, SyncBackPro has remained a firm favourite among 2BrightSparks’ customers. Here’s what he told me about the company’s best-selling software solution:

“Without a doubt that would be SyncBackPro. When we first decided to create two versions of the software, essentially a standard and advanced version, I assumed that most people’s needs would be met by the standard one. But it soon became obvious that many users prefer a solution that is not only flexible and powerful enough to handle their requirements, but will also adapt and support their future needs, even before they’re aware of them! I suppose that most users realise that after a while, the right backup software becomes almost invisible, like a safety net. They rely on it absolutely, but never have to worry about whether it’s there or working correctly. This is one of SyncBackPro’s strengths. Once it’s been set up just the way you want, you can leave it alone, knowing that it will always have your back”.

SynBackPro costs just £51.95. Users will benefit from fast backups, intelligent synchronisation, and FTP and SFTP support, to name just a few. SynBackPro works with Windows. SyncBackTouch, on the other hand, enables users to backup files and data on multiple operating systems including Android and MacOS.

Staying Up-To-Date In An Ever-Changing Industry

Businesses rely heavily on SyncBack, so it’s vital that 2BrightSparks keeps up-to-date with industry trends and developments. Michael told me:

“It might seem as though the basic principles of backup software haven’t changed since the days of MS-DOS, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Even ignoring the size and complexities of the files that are being backed up, in a short space of time we’ve gone from floppies, to ZIP disks, to CD-ROMs, to DVDs, BLU-RAY, NAS, Cloud and beyond. It’s of vital importance that once our users come to consider a new storage medium, we have not only baked it into our software, but this has been thoroughly and rigorously tested. We have to stay a few years ahead of the needs of our customers, so that as and when they adapt, we’re ready and waiting”.

An Adaptable Company

The 2BrightSparks team works hard behind the scenes to remain innovative and ahead of the game. Michael explained that the company’s adaptability is the aspect he is most proud of. Here’s what he said on the subject:

“Our adaptability. When we started (in 2004), we couldn’t have foreseen the extent of the cloud, for example. Or the speed of our internet connections, or the sheer omnipresence of the web. But we’ve always prided ourselves at adapting and staying ahead of the curve. So many of the products that were around when we started out are no longer with us, and that’s simply down to their failure to adapt to what lay ahead. Our customers don’t really see this, but they do appreciate that we’re ready to accommodate their ever-changing and growing needs”.

It’s been a fantastic experience learning about 2BrightSparks. It’s evident that the success of the company and its intelligent software is due to the continuous development that the company strives for. Thank you Michael for your cooperation.  

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